Route Controls

Above your route items you will find a series of controls that apply to your whole route.


The name of your route is how it will show up on your phone and your route list above.

chrome_2016-07-14_12-35-46 will optimize your route. When optimizing the first and last items will not move. All items between them will be re-ordered to make the shortest total distance.

chrome_2016-07-14_12-37-01 will generate driving directions. When you are satisfied with the order of your route you can press this to generate fresh driving directions.

chrome_2016-07-14_12-37-52 will add items to your route, see Adding Route Items

chrome_2016-07-14_12-38-27 will save your route as it is.

chrome_2016-07-14_12-39-14 will delete everything inside your route. The delete button above in the route list will also delete the entire route.

chrome_2016-07-14_12-39-39 will reverse the order of every item in your route.

chrome_2016-07-14_12-40-08 will save a copy of your route to another route. Make sure you have removed enough routes to make room for it.

chrome_2016-07-14_12-40-41 is used to export to many different formats.